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  • Build To Give
    30 juillet 2018, 07:12 CET

    En ces fêtes de fin d’année, le plus beau cadeau que vous puissiez faire est d’offrir la possibilité de jouer.  Rendez-vous dans un LEGO® Store entre le 5 novembre et le 9 décembre ou utilisez les briques LEGO que vous avez à la maison afin de construire une décoration pour les fêtes. Exposez-la en magasin, publiez-la dans LEGO Life ou partagez-la en ligne avec #BuildToGive. À chaque fois qu’une décoration est construite et partagée, nous offrons un ensemble LEGO à un enfant qui a besoin de jouer.

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  • Plants from Plants
    30 juillet 2018, 07:12 CET

    The first LEGO® plants made based on plants have arrived! The LEGO Group has released new botanical elements -including trees, leaves and bushes- made from a plastic produced using sustainably sourced sugarcane.

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  • 720_SafeProducts_case
    Safe Products
    26 août 2013, 08:46 CET

    Since 2008, more than 20 employees at the LEGO Group have had the task of verifying that the more than 2,000 raw materials used in LEGO® products all satisfy the requirements of the new EU Toy Safety Directive, which comes into force this summer.

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  • 720_Borkum-Riffgrund-1-with-the-offshore-substation
    Building a wind farm
    09 octobre 2015, 10:50 CET

    The LEGO Group builds an offshore wind farm to balance its energy needs for many years to come.

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  • Case: cliamate savers partner
    The LEGO Group and WWF partnership
    11 décembre 2014, 20:16 CET

    As part of the LEGO Group’s ambition to deliver a positive impact on the planet, the toy manufacturer has signed a partnership with WWF pledging to intensify their work to improve performance on a range of environmental priorities.

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  • Case: smaller boxes
    Big Planet Savings in Smaller Boxes
    11 décembre 2014, 19:40 CET

    The LEGO Group saves approximately 7,000 tonnes of cardboard a year through smaller and more sustainable boxes.

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  • LEGObricksinthemaking
    LEGO bricks in the making
    04 mars 2015, 08:30 CET

    How does the LEGO Group produce millions of LEGO® bricks with such precision and in a wealth of colours every single day? And how do the right LEGO bricks find their way to the right boxes? This is the true story about how small pieces of plastic granulate are transformed into creative play sets.

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