Rebuild a Legend


    LEGO® Technic turns 40 this year! To celebrate the anniversary we took three of this year’s new sets and combined them into a unique 3-in-1 build. A mix of the high-tech innovation of the 42063 BMW R1200 GS Adventure, the powerful 42061 Tele Handler and the aerodynamic 42057 Ultra Helicopter, the 40th anniversary model is a modern interpretation of one of the earliest retro car models. The build would not be complete without the emblematic 40th anniversary element.

  • Live from the Vaults

    Ever wanted to get a glimpse of the LEGO Technic vaults? Curious about how the designers came up with the 40th anniversary model? Have a burning LEGO Technic history question you want to ask? Join us for a world exclusive Facebook Live event as we take you on a tour through the LEGO Technic vaults. Your tour guides will include the designers behind the 40th anniversary model, a LEGO historian, and designer Jan Ryaa, one of the first designers of LEGO Technic. Fans participating in the live event will have the opportunity to comment and ask questions while they explore the vault with us. This event will be broadcast live on our Facebook page on 7th of September. Don’t miss your chance to enter the vault!

  • The beginning

    Have you ever wondered where it all started? Whether you’re new to Technic, or you’ve been a fan since the early days, you’ll know how much work goes into designing our sets, and this was no different when the first models were conceived forty years ago. In the early 1970s, the first LEGO® designers to play with the idea of building cars used large square LEGO Mobil bricks in yellow, red and blue with white cross-axles and cogwheels. These were only showroom models and were not intended for sale. Over time, they experimented with the creation of different elements that would improve stability and sturdiness – a journey of discovery that resulted in the release of the first technical models in 1977. Find out more about the story of the early days of Technic, and read other fascinating facts about how far we’ve come, on the LEGO Technic blog.

  • The 40 years anniversary Poster Competition

    Join our 40 years anniversary competition and help us find the most iconic LEGO Technic model of the past four decades. To participate, go to our Facebook page and choose your favorite Technic model from each decade. The winning model from each decade will then carry on to battle for the title of the “Ultimate LEGO Technic model”! If your choice is among the winning models, you’ll have the chance to win a specially created limited edition LEGO Technic poster. Join the competition now!