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About LEGO® Friends

Watch the LEGO® Friends 101 Parents’ Guide video so you can keep up with your kids’ conversations about who’s who and what’s going on in Heartlake City.


Get to know the five exploring, creative, funny and quirky main characters from Heartlake City
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Let your child become a Sea Life Friend

Learn about rare sea animals big and small with LEGO Friends and National Geographic Kids.

Sea Life Rescue sets

Get kids excited about ocean conservation and sea life rescue with engaging play sets, rare and endangered animals, and cool rescue vehicles.
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Friends just want to have fun!

School’s out – let the kids have fun at the LEGO® Friends Amusement park! With toy carnival rides, it’s summer every day. Kids can pick their favorite activity or combine sets and create the Amusement Pier of their dreams!

Heartlake Amusement Pier

Kids will love to play out a day at the Sea Life theme park, spook each other in the haunted house ride, be silly, or watch the sunset together from the Underwater Loop.
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Whether you are new to LEGO® Friends or know it so well you can recite the menu from the Cupcake Café, you may have a question or two for us. We have gathered a few here – just select a question to see the answer. Can’t find the question or answer you’re looking for? Reach out to Customer Service: Our friendly staff is standing by to help.