The Real Heroes – LEGO® City Police!

Capture Crooks with the Net Shooter

Now kids can help the LEGO City Police catch crooks with a fun brick invention. Load up the net shooter, aim it at the minifigures you need to catch, then fire the net and save the day! This cool net firing shooter feature is included in selected LEGO City Police sets.

Hook that Crook

When crooks escape, kids can capture them once again with the extending hook feature included in the 60208 LEGO City Sky Police Parachute Arrest! Lower the hook attached to the jet plane, snag those sneaky minfigures whether they are trying to get away in a buggy or by parachute, and return triumphantly to LEGO City!

Meet Some of the Mountain Police Minifigures!

Furry Fact!

Brown Bears are heavier than pianos, and can weigh up to 800 pounds!

Big Cat Trivia!

Mountain Lions have lots of different names and can also be called cougars, panthers, and pumas.

LEGO City Police Sets

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