LEGO® BOOST – Help & Support

Need help or have questions about LEGO® BOOST? Get your LEGO BOOST questions answered with these handy bits of build-and-code advice.

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    Get Started with LEGO® BOOST!

    Get Started with LEGO® BOOST!

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    LEGO® BOOST How-To Video: Vernie The Robot

    LEGO® BOOST How-To Video: Vernie The Robot

  • What does the LEGO® BOOST Creative Toolbox include?

    • 3 BOOST bricks: 
      • Move Hub 
      • Color and Distance Sensor 
      • Interactive Motor 
    • 847 bricks in total including the 3 above-mentioned BOOST bricks 
    • 1 Poster 
    • Playmat
  • What are the BOOST bricks?

    • Move Hub contains 2 motors with tachometers, the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connections with your tablet, 2 input and output ports, a 6-axis tilt sensor and a multicolored light. Also in the hub is the battery compartment for 6 AAA batteries and the green “On” button.
    • The color and distance sensor can sense both distance (how far from an object it is) and different colors that are placed in front of it. It can also be used as a motion detector or just as a light, enabling the user to choose between 4 different light modes; red, green, blue, and a combination of all 3.
    • The interactive motor has the same functionality as the motor in the Move Hub, but as a detachable unit.
  • Where can I find building instructions?

    All 5 building instructions are in the LEGO® BOOST app as an interactive building and play experience.
  • Why is there a playmat?

    The playmat is an important part of the initial experience kids have with LEGO® BOOST. The playmat is only needed for the 3 models (Getting Started vehicle, Vernie and the M.T.R.4) that move. The playmat contains a grid that is calibrated to the movement commands in these models. It allows kids to understand that one move block in the coding enables the model to move one square on the grid of the playmat.
  • What is the optimal age for LEGO® BOOST?

    LEGO® BOOST is designed for children 7 and up. As our creative community has shown us, there is truly no upper age limit on the fun that BOOST delivers.
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