Chapter 0


Welcome traveller! I am Ekimu, the Mask Maker. As you may already be aware, our great island, Okoto, is threatened by evil. Mighty heroes, known as the Toa, have fallen from the stars to battle the forces of darkness and save Okoto from destruction.

To continue their quest, the Toa must each find one of Okoto’s ancient Elemental Creatures. By uniting with the creatures, the heroes will form deep and profound links with the elements and gain access to powers far greater than they could ever imagine.

Origin of the Elemental Creatures

Millennia ago, as the island of Okoto came into existence, a number of mythical beings were born with it. Created from the Elements that make up the fabric of the world, the six creatures incarnate the very soul and life force of Okoto.

The Toa

Fallen from the stars, the heroic Toa are on a quest to save Okoto from evil. As they come closer to understanding the true power of the Elements, they learn that they must each find an Elemental Creature and unite with it.

The Power of Unity

The Toa seek to find and tame their Elemental Creature. When united, a Toa and an Elemental Creature will form a unity of unparalleled might and unlock new powers to aid them in the battle against evil.