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New Hungarian LEGO factory goes green

As a result of the LEGO Group ambition to make sustainability an integrated part of the way the company operates a profitable business, the new factory in Hungary will reduce energy and water consumption – while increasing employee safety.

The construction of a new factory for the LEGO Group near the current factory in Nyiregyháza, Hungary, has just begun.

“We are going to build a brand new factory, that will be designed and constructed with a high focus on integrating sustainability – and it will be the future workplace for approximately 1500 dedicated LEGO employees,” says Bali Padda, Chief Operations Officer at the LEGO Group.

The LEGO Group currently operates a factory in leased facilities in Nyiregyháza, which the new factory will replace. The three digit million Euro investment sends a strong signal that the LEGO Group sees Hungary as a long-term manufacturing base along with other LEGO factories around the world. When the factory is fully operational in 2015, it will cover more than 120,000 square meters – nearly triple the size of the current factory in Nyiregyháza.

“We are building a factory that will not only manufacture high quality products – it will also live up to our global ambition to deliver a positive impact on the planet and the people living on it,” says Bali Padda.

For this reason the new factory will – among many other initiatives - focus on employee safety, include energy efficient production equipment and technologies, as well as investments to increase recycling of waste and water.

This will enable the LEGO Group to save up to 60,000m3 of water and reduce CO2 emissions by 7000 tonnes annually which not only makes sense from an environmental point of view but also financially.

“Furthermore it is our global ambition to be among one of the safest workplaces in 2015. Our current Nyiregyháza factory has set a great example by being injury free for 2 years now, and we have established strict safety procedures. Our learnings from all our factories around the world will be implemented and further developed in the new factory to create the safest work environment,” says Bali Padda.

A specific improvement in the new factory will be a full segregation of heavy and light traffic in and out of the factory with zero crossing points between mechanized traffic and people both inside and outside the factory premises.

Facts about the factory:

• A sustainable future‑proof factory with space to expand capacity
• A three digit million EURO investment
• Factory area of more than 122,000m2, roughly three times the size of the current factory
• 768 Moulding Machines during current design phase room for further expansion
• Approximately 7,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved annually
• Approximately 60,000m3 of water saved annually

For further information, please contact:

Roar Rude Trangbaek, Press Officer, the LEGO Group
+45 79504348