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Life at the LEGO Group

We hire for a wide variety of roles and functions and we are always looking for new talent! Hear what some of our people say about their life at the LEGO Group.

Camilla Poole

“Working in the London Hub is actually such a great experience. We've got such great views of London and really, it's one of those environments where you can get on with your work in an environment that suits you.”
-Camilla Poole, Recruitment Coordinator, London, UK

Emily Mukalazi

“Working at the London Hub is a completely unique experience. We have something here called Activity Based Working so nobody has a set desk, which's actually been really good.”
-Emily Mukalazi, Social Media Marketing Manager, London, UK

Mahalia Chambers

“I find working working at the London Hub very exciting. Because it's an Activity Based environment, everyone who comes in here gets to experience what it's like. So because it's a global company and everyone around the office is coming in to either have their meetings and enjoy their time here, we have a lot of different activities within the office and on each floor it is very different.”
-Mahalia Chambers, Hub Host, London, UK